Terms of Sale

Purchase your new Forgemaster TM forge or Forgemaster TM parts and accessories.

Prices do not include shipping cost. Missouri residents must add Missouri Sales Tax.

Freight will be added to your order. All prices listed are FOB Troy, Missouri.

Warranty – Forgemaster TM warrants any of its manufactured products for the expected life of the product against deficiency in material or workmanship. This limited warranty does not extend to products manufactured by Forgemaster TM, that in the company’s judgement were improperly used, altered, abused or repaired by others.

Returned Goods – Customers requesting credit or exchanges for returned goods must meet the following requirements:

Products must be items currently offered by Forgemaster TM.
Authorization for the return of current products must be obtained from Forgemaster TM prior to shipment.

Transportations charges must be paid.
Returns are subject to a 10 % re stocking charge and a reconditioning charge if necessary.

Pricing – Prices are quoted exclusively in U.S. dollars and are subject to change without prior notice. Prices are effective on a specific date and all orders received by Forgemaster TM on or after that date will be billed at the revised price.