The Forgemaster™ line of portable forging furnaces has the right forge to meet the needs of most blacksmithing, horse shoeing and industrial forging applications.


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What size propane cylinder should I use?

In the summer months, the Forgemaster forging furnace will operate well on a 20# propane cylinder (the type used on most backyard barbeque grills) with a vapor valve. Propane boils at -44°. Forgemaster forging furnaces burn the vapor that is produced from that boil. Therefore, the closer the ambient temperature is to -44° the slower the vapor is created inside the cylinder. During periods of prolonged use in cold weather you will consume the propane vapor faster than the evaporation rate and you will need to employ a larger capacity cylinder (30-60 lb. cylinders).

What is the BTU of a Forgemaster?

BTU is a standard measurement of heat produced by a furnace. Each Forgemaster burner will produce about 50,000 BTU's when operated at 8 pounds of propane pressure. Compared to a normal household furnace (100.000 BTU's) you might think that's not much heat produced. A two burner Forgemaster produces approximately the same heat necessary to heat a 3-bedroom house, but is confined to an area of about 2.5 cubic feet.

Blacksmiths and farriers generally think in terms of degrees for heating steel. A Forgemaster operating at welding pressure (12-14 psi) will produce in excess of 2500 degrees F.

What is the best way to mount the Forgemaster in my truck?

There are many ways to secure the Forgemaster for traveling. Some farriers bolt it to the truck bed, others mount the forge on a Swingmaster adjustable forge-mounting arm. You must consider several factors about you vehicle and your work style to determine what mounting method will work best for you. First, the Forgemaster must be convenient for you. Next consider the heat in relation to all items in your truck. After you finish forging you will want to keep the hot forge away from all combustible materials. Finally, the forge must be as secure as possible while traveling.

With nearly infinite position settings, the SWINGMASTER allows you to position your forge exactly as you wish. Our low profile, easy to adjust
swing out arm is the most versitle in the industry. Built with 11 gauge steel and secured with 7/8" cold roll pins, this arm will stand up to even the toughest applications. The SWINGMASTER is a heavy duty, professional piece of equipment that is protected with a durable
powder coating and a worthy member of the Forgemaster TM product line.

Does the Forgemaster operate on Natural gas?

Yes, but several requirements need to be met. The normal pressure of household appliances for natural gas is much lower than what is needed to operate an atmospheric forge. Commercial gas pressure of 3-5 psi is required to operate the Forgemaster on natural gas. In addition to the higher pressure requirement a different orifice is needed. The Forgemaster staff will be happy to discuss the possibility with you. Contact us at 1-636-528-4832

Can you weld steel in a Forgemaster?

Yes. Not only steel, but aluminum as well. Visit our Tips page for step-by-step instructions on forge welding steel and aluminum in a Forgemaster.