Relining a Forge

If you expect to get the best performance out of your Forgemaster TM you will need to pay attention to the liner. Lining walls that are worn to half of their original thickness will allow a greater heat loss, and will take longer to reach forging temperature. You know it’s time to reline the forge when:

• The lining material is worn greater than half the original thinkness of 2″.
• Moisture has been allowed to reach the ceramic lining material.
• The hearth brick is badly deterioated due to wear and vibration.
• The heart brick separates from the clip and loosens from the housing.

“Why should you reline your forge?”

• A new liner promotes longer forge life.
• A new liner prevents warping and damage to the steel housing.
• A new liner promotes better fuel consumption efficiency.
• A new liner promotes higher constant heat temperatures.

The May/June 1999 issue of the American Farriers Journal has a “tear out” page that will assist you in relining your forge. This special section was sponsored by Forgemaster TM as a courtesy to our customers. You will also want to check out our full page add in the AFJ Supplies and Services issue.