Drain the Lines

When you are ready to shut the forge down, the following steps will help to increase the life of your fuel lines and regulator.

1) While the forge is running, close the tank valve.
2) Allow all of the propane to burn out of the fuel line.
3) After all of the propane has been consumed by the forge burners, turn the regulator pressure screw counter clockwise (to reduce pressure).
4) Finally close the forge fuel valve.

Following these steps will clear all propane vapor from the fuel lines and regulator. If you allow propane to remain in the fuel lines and regulator it will reduce the useful life of the fuel lines, because the propane vapor solidifies into a waxy substance that will clog the hoses, regulator and valves of your forge. This simple proceed ure will also prepare the equipment for your next job. When you next light the forge, you will open the tank valve first, then slowly increase the pressure at the regulator to the desired psi, and finally open the forge fuel valve for ignition.