Bundle Welding

One of the most versatile welds for the blacksmith is a bundle weld. By welding a collection of similar size pieces together you can create a variety of ornamental items. In this technique we will show the basic process of the bundle weld. Your imaginative application of this technique can add excitement to many of projects.

Bundle the desired number of pieces together. To hold the bundle together while heating and forging, wrap the pieces with wire or……………

An effective means of holding the pieces together during the forging process is to use an adjustable hose clamp.

After you have the bundle secured, place the end into the heating chamber of the Forgemaster TM. The heat chamber should be at welding temperature.

When the bundle has reached welding temperature, remove it and quickly brush off the scale and…….

apply welding flux. Both brushing and application of flux should be done quickly in order to retain heat. Return the bundle to the fire as soon a possible.

When the bundle again reaches welding temperature take the bundle to the anvil and with light rapid hammer blows forge the pieces together.

The completed bundle weld has been twisted and is ready for your application.

This bundle weld has been applied twisted with the ends spread in a “sun burst” pattern for a garden trellis. (click on the image for larger view)

The completed trellis.
(click on the image to for larger view)

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