Apply Drill Tek

Step #1

Break the stick of drill tek into small (3/4″) pieces. The easiest method is shown below.

Step #2

After setting out all of the pieces of drill tek, and equipment, heat both heels of the horseshoe to a bright orange heat.

Step #3

Remove the shoe from the forge when it reaches a bright orange heat, and quickly brush the scale (don’t spend too much time with this or you will lose your heat). As soon as you have quickly brushed the scale, sprinkle some brazing flux onto the heels where you want to apply the drill tek. Then (using the pliers) place one piece of drill tek on each heel and return the shoe to the forge. It will not take long for the matrix of the drill tek to liquify. It is wise to remain close by and ready to remove the shoe AS SOON as the drill tek becomes shinney be ready, the brass will soon begins to flow.

Step #4

The moment the drill tek begins to flow, remove the shoe from the forge. Move to the anvil and drag the foot surface side of the shoe across a sharp edge of the anvil to remove any brass that flowed to the back side of the shoe. Then position the drill tek by using your hammer to gently move the particles while the brass is still in a liquid state. DO NOT QUENCH the horseshoe, allow it to air cool.

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