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****We currently have a 6 week lead time on all of our forges.  We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  Thank you for your interest in Forgemaster products.****

Online ordering is currently unavailable as we prepare our new website for launch. Please call us at 636-671-7825 for updated pricing and availablity.

The Forgemaster TM line of portable forging furnaces has the right forge to meet the needs of most blacksmithing, horse shoeing and industrial forging applications.

WHY BUY A Forgemaster TM ?

When you're in the market for a new portable gas-fired forge, you have several makes and models from which to choose. Please compare the advantages of purchasing a Forgemaster TM to any other portable forge on the market. When you make this important investment in your business we are confident that the value of the Forgemaster TM will place it at the top of your list.

- Constructed of thick 12 gauge (.109) hot rolled premium steel.
- Heavy-duty welded two piece clamshell construction.
- Full 3" heat chamber opening.
- Needle valve fuel adjustment insures precise distribution of fuel flow.
- Unique slanted base for top mounted door units allows easy and convenient access to heat chamber.
- Tough and durable powder coated black and silver "hammered metal" finish.
- 9' long fuel hose (12" longer than many other forges).
- Fully assembled, ready to use UL listed regulator and pressure gauge.
- Convenient spark igniter assembly.
- Heavy cast iron burners permanently welded to housing top.
- Quick and easy replacement of lining and hearth brick material.
- Accessories designed exclusively for Forgemaster TM enable you to customize your forge to suit your needs and applications.

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